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Even the Best Mattress Gets Old: When Managing Back Pain Means Upgrading That Mattress

There is this weird sense of loyalty people feel to their mattress. They may have initially bought the mattress because it was the best one for their back. It may have been clinically approved. That fantastic mattress, as wonderful as it is, is not ageless. There comes a time where it needs to be replaced to keep up the great back care that is needed. What are some signs that the mattress is no good anymore for the back (aside from the obvious one- morning back pain has returned). There are at least three reasons even the best old mattress cannot keep up anymore.

Sagging Areas: The mattress can get worn in certain spots on the mattress. They may not be noticeable, but the back feels it. These sagging areas will actually distort the straightness of the spine. The spine will dip in these areas, even subtly, and that can cause serious back pain in the morning.

Coils Weaken: The coils can weaken, which causes the entire mattress to sink ever-so-slightly. It can also sink in certain areas, which is the cause of the sag noted above. The weakened coils mean that the mattress cannot longer carry the weight they did before. The mattress will dip as a whole. This makes getting out of bed a little harder, and strain in doing so could be enough to make back pain obvious.

Memory Foam and Heat: Memory foam mattresses from saatva are actually some of the best types out there for back pain. The back pain can be managed with memory foam options. But, they do not last forever. The memory foam works by reacting to body heat and pressure. The body heat reaction properties can actually fade, which means the foam is using only pressure to work. Unfortunately, this is often not enough. Also, memory foam mattresses may overcompensate by becoming too warm. If that is the case, it may be time to find a new mattress.

Back pain is not something to balk at. A brand new mattress is necessary sometimes, even when the old mattress was originally bought because it was great at managing the spine.